The adapt2Job® Concept

Employers from the international adapt2Job® network directly contribute to the study contents – real job profiles are the concrete topic that they teach together with the professor in the so-called 2win training.

The students are taught how to think in business processes by a team: Together, professor and company representative create and teach one and the same module.
This twin – professor and company representatives teach together – becomes 2 win –> 2win training.


Every university graduate who finds a worthy job in the MEA region is an asset to the economy and society. adapt2Job® combines 20 years of know-how and experience in the Arab-Islamic world with an international network of industry, science, IT and government institutions.


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Cooperation at Eye Level


adapt2Job® workshops turn professors in emerging and developing countries into multipliers for the job market. On site, they help to find the right industry experts for cooperation in order to carry out 2win-Training together in their own training company. The results are teaching and practical modules, internships and job profiles, teaching methods and materials.

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With Competence and Know-how

adapt2Job®-2win-Trainings, designed and conducted by the German professor Dr. Edda Pulst with industry experts in the country, are available on the topics “Digitalization, Digital Products, Digital Services, Logistics, Engineering, Supply Chain, Soft Skills”. The events serve as examples for professors and universities in the region to establish their own 2win- Training.

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