International companies realize up to 50 % of their total sales in emerging markets. Often, vacancies for specialists and leading positions cannot be filled with qualified local employees.
18 months of post-qualification in the company may be necessary until employability. Foreign companies frequently hire local graduates according to employment rates – pay those young engineers – but do not let them work.
Sending specialists, so-called expats, temporarily to the foreign branch office is cost-intensive.

adapt2Job® recruits the best local graduates with application know-how for digitalization and management from industry university partnerships.
Local experts replace expats.

adapt2Job – 2win-Training – Supply Chain and Softskills in Jordan

Talent scouting with adapt2Job takes place regularly at the German Jordanian University in Madaba. One of the numerous 2win-Trainings focused on professions in logistics and supply chain. Jordan occupies a key position here with direct access to all countries in the Levant and Gulf region.

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