Dual training concepts, 2win trainings in the MEA region and Germany, advanced training for trainers, dual teaching material, multimedia clips, lectures, technological services, research, analysis as well as consulting, implementation and support of research trips to the MEA region – The services correspond to many years of international activity and experience in a reliable network of partners, companies and educational institutions.

Fact Finding Mission

A Fact Finding Mission, the first step in the a2J toolkit, explores how a2J can be implemented in the target country.

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2win training is a five-day dual training module for selected students.

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Train the Trainer enables local professors in the countries of deployment to develop 2win modules themselves and to teach together with the industry.

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Digital Activities

Digitalization makes sense if it improves life sustainably. Under this motto, adapt2Job® supports companies, associations and universities in the concrete implementation of digitalization.

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Further services

Further services include the entire spectrum from research and lectures to digital teaching material. Further information can be found here.

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Participants’ testimonials

I was really impressed with the performance

I was really impressed with the performance, quality of work and the passion which the students demonstrated during the presentations. Despite the fact that they are not yet in the market. They showed good understanding of customers’ needs. They worked on real needs and problems; defined the scope; then came with adequate solutions.

Shareif Qubbaj, Manager, Sales Operation – Presales, Globitel Jordan

smarter & more collaborative understanding for ecosystem & market needs

Adapt2job program gave your enthusiastic students what “I” gave to phone, it enabled them to work in a smarter & more collaborative way with better
understanding for ecosystem & market needs

Khaled AlKadi, IBM Sales Manager, Jordan

It always feels good to see such an enthusiastic group

It always feels good to see such an enthusiastic group of students eager to learn and expand their knowledge in various aspects of the business life.

Nader Awamleh, Consulting Services Delivery Specialist,MEA Service Center Hub,Microsoft Services

It was our pleasure to be part of this workshop

It was our pleasure to be part of this workshop and share with our colleagues from IBM ,SAP & Microsoft the selected students this important experience.

It empowers the Quality and Productivity in Labour market having the interest to develop Employability skills at students level in universities like what GJU is appproaching in adapt2job great program.

Rana Abu Shawer,HR Manager Jordan,DHL Express