Countries of Operation

Here you will find an extract of the countries where adapt2Job operates.

Knowing the context in which companies and jobs can be found is an essential feature of adapt2Job. Context defines characteristics of the labor market. Countries where adapt2Job is used are located in Asia and Africa as well as in the Middle and Near East, amongst others Namibia, Uzbekistan and Tanzania. Characteristic are their desert landscapes, which have an influence on the resources of the country – but also on their own soul.

Lost Places

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Working in the Orient

For 20 years, educational projects have taken me to Iran, the Near East and Africa. It is about “adapt2Job®”, i.e. making the students in the region fit for work. Helping to shape their life perspective – in Tehran, Aleppo, Damascus, Jerusalem, Amman, Ramallah, Cairo, Tripoli, Dar es Salaam and Marrakesh – is the foundation of my actions.