Réussites et Histoires de succès

Adapt2Job offre aux employeurs un aperçu des sujets et modules actuellement enseignés dans les universités et leur permet d’avoir une longueur d’avance dans le recrutement des étudiants et des diplômés.
Les étudiants apprennent à connaître les profils d’emploi et les attentes de leurs futurs employeurs pour qu’ils puissent être immédiatement opérationnels après l’obtention de leur diplôme.

Jochen Rensmann, IT Manager at Henkel AG & Co. KGaA

studied according to the adapt2Job concept with Prof. Dr. Pulst

« Truly Win-Win-Win for Student, University and Industry

I have not seen any other platform like this: helping universities to develop students which are immediately « employable » for companies. From company point of view this is saving lots of time and efforts. It really helped my personal career. »

Sandra Niemann, Team Lead Enterprise Architecture – Application & Technology Architecture

Henkel AG & Co. KGaA, studied according to the adapt2Job concept with Prof. Dr. Pulst

„In my adapt2Job studies, I was prepared for what you cannot read about in books – quickly getting into specific questions, drawing new conclusions, recognizing the need for optimization and suggesting and implementing concrete improvements. This job-related training in cooperation with Henkel helped me to get a permanent position in the worldwide operating company immediately after my studies.“

Rozanna Abboud, Industrial Engineering Student

adapt2Job-Training Jordanien

« When I did my Internship during my German Year with Bosch, I could use all the results of the 2win-Training. Adapt2Job workshop was one of my greatest experiences. »

Dr. Nathir A. Rawashdeh

Assistant Professor, Vice Dean
Department of Mechatronics Engineering
School of Applied Technical Sciences
German Jordanian University

« Personally, I think this workshop is a great channel for linking academia and industry. The participating students I have talked to are glad to have taken the opportunity to meet the experts from the industry and learn about real world applications and technical challenges. »